Leeds Ball Model Polly On: Colouring Outside The Lines

Dentistry student and Leeds Ball model Polly is all about colouring outside the lines…

(Polly in middle)                                               (Polly on left)

I’m a big believer in individuality in everything. I think the world would be a really dull place if we were all the same. We should celebrate our differences. Life’s an opportunity for expression, so you should express your individuality in whatever way feels comfortable to you. I definitely don’t think you should change what you do or tone yourself down for anyone. Who wants to conform? It’s boring!

I guess for me this has always been clothes, not because I would consider myself to be a super cool fashionista, I’m not. But just because I have always done my own thing, refused to follow trends and enjoyed styling myself a little differently.  I wear things that I feel comfortable and myself in, I have just never felt comfortable looking like everyone else.

I don’t really play by the rules when it comes to what I wear either, girls clothes, boys clothes not bothered as long as it looks cool, I buy very few pieces of clothing in my actual size (except shoes obviously) and I’ve even been known to frequently wear clothes backwards. More than anything I like to mix-and-match and have a bit of fun. 

Damn the lines, just be yourself!